Over 1 Million hours per business week could be saved by automating claims processing according to a recent study

MedCo works with over 1000 payers to help providers do just that. By automating the claim status process, providers are able to focus efforts on claims needing attention while understanding what claims are set to pay providing valuable insight to your cash projections.

BENEFITs of automating your insurance claim follow-up:

  • Maximize efficiency
  • Increase staffing productivity
  • Decrease staffing costs
  • Increase cash forecasting accuracy
  • Real-time API or batch connectivity
  • Flexible file exchange workflows for batch connectivity
  • Secure file exchange delivery via custom-built SFTP 
  • Manage claims in custom work queues recording your efforts in your host system via batch or API outputs
  • Add a custom field to facilitate automation or workflows for your internal workflow management system
  • Crosswalk your Epic bill indicators with X12 Claim Status codes
  • Filter your accounts to be submitted for status
  • Schedule query times and frequency
  • Reduce income lost to timely filing