At MedCo we are dedicated to our partner’s ongoing satisfaction with our services and we work diligently to prove ourselves a part of your team and not just another vendor. We appreciate the kind words of some of those that use our services....


"We quit doing it ourselves and added 2.2M to bottom line by giving it to MedCo Services. They have the tools, incentivized plan and work after hours and weekend. A benefit that I did not anticipate was recording of calls because administration is now assured the patients are being treated appropriately."


"We left MedCo and went with another vendor that did not do as well. So we decided to go back doing business with MedCo… that really says it all!"


"Implementation went very well. We had no problems. When we had a few patient complaints, we listened to the recordings and it was NEVER the way the patient said it was. We have a conference call once a month and in person meeting quarterly."


"I have worked with different Early out vendors in my 18 years and they could not get the results that I needed. Medco gets the results I needed for my bottom line. They have highly trained and experience staff who knows how to communicate to the public. MedCo cares about their client’s needs. I have recommended MedCo to my fellow colleagues at other facilities and also asked MedCo to give a presentation at an event. Thanks MedCo for all you


"Excellent work! I used them to do a couple of insurance projects….VERY responsive! I started sending at day 30 moved to day 1. They were very professional when they presented to our corporate staff about processes. They send the charity forms to our patients which is very helpful. They record all the calls so we can listen to them if a patient complains. Last month they collected a good bit of insurance and a lot of times it is account my collector gave up….MedCo got it. MedCo has done an EXCELLENT job as an early out."