"I have never worked for a company that genuinely cares about your well being as much as Medco does. I love how we're one big family here whether you're remote or in the office. I'm so blessed to work for such an amazing company!"

Revenue Acceleration Department Team Member

"The thing I have enjoyed most is that if you want to advance in this company, there is ample opportunity. "

Client Operations Department Team Member

"I love being a part of Medco because I am not just a number, I am part of the Medco family!"

Bad Debt Department Team Member

"Walking in as a new hire, I instantly felt welcomed by the team. You don't really get that experience with a lot of companies. That alone assured me that I had made the right decision by joining the Medco family!"

Recovery Department Team Member

"If you work hard, the opportunities are endless. Managers care and they genuinely want you to be successful."

Marketing Department Team Member


MedCo provides outsourced business office solutions to healthcare providers. In simple terms, this means we help hospitals and physician's offices manage their patient billing through a variety of customer service and high-tech solutions. A career at MedCo means learning about healthcare from a business angle, and mastering revenue cycle best practices.


We are passionate about employee development, and focused on constant growth for our company and our selves. Read more about what MedCo can offer you: