New Year. New Goals.

Have you quit your resolution yet? On average, people break their New Year Resolution in about 32 days. With 356 days to accomplish goals in a calendar year, it is easy to get caught up in…

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Reducing Your Staffing Headaches

Revenue cycle management has long been a targeted area to rein in cost, accelerate revenue, and strengthen a healthcare system’s financial success.  Pre-COVID, healthcare organizations were encountering staffing shortages with the most problematic areas pertaining to nurses and physicians. Post COVID, staffing shortages are occurring throughout the system and revenue cycle is no exception.  Healthcare providers are now facing critical situations due to low staffing and are exploring new ways to accomplish their goals. Today, successful executives are thinking outside the box to solve their staffing shortages.  Outsourcing and technology is at the forefront of solutions for many of those executives.  Most executives are looking to new technology to eliminate some of…

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