Technology and Effective AR Management

In today’s reimbursement world, average denial rates among providers are greater than 10% with best practice being at or below 5%.  So how do you effectively analyze and assign workflow to prevent timely filing for possible…

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Healthcare IT, The Invisible Shortage

There is much discussion today about personnel shortages that challenge our nation as a whole.  Specific to healthcare, the nursing shortage has been pushed to the forefront with hospitals struggling to employ or contract enough nurses to handle the patient population.  Additionally, personnel shortages can be found throughout the…

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Medco has been a business partner for 14 years. We split placements with another company a few years back. Medco outperformed the competitor becoming our Champion Partner. We are very appreciative of our partnership with Medco and look forward to working together for many years to com.

We left MedCo and went with another vendor that did not do as well. So we decided to go back doing business with MedCo… that really says it all!

We quit doing it ourselves and added 2.2M to bottom line by giving it to MedCo Services. They have the tools, incentivized plan and work after hours and weekend.

Our experience with MedCo was excellent. Their team performed better than expected and their knowledge of Epic and the revenue cycle in general was exceptional.

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