Revenue Acceleration Infograph
"Doing more with less" is today's mantra in Healthcare. Increased revenue expectations, decreased budgets, and never ending changes to healthcare providers. Managing insurance and reimbursement denials efficiently is just one of the ways MedCo can assist providers in reaching Revenue Cycle Excellence.

Revenue acceleration projects:

  • Insurance Scrubs 
  • PRE/POST Conversion Project
  • Virtual Billing/Collections
  • Small/Large Balance Denials
  • Out of State Medicaid Credentialing and Billing  
  • Underpayment Recovery & Cash Flow Acceleration 
  • Zero Balance Reviews
  • Denial Root Cause Analysis 
  • Third Party Liability Follow Up
  • Many more…

Increase your revenue recovery
and decrease your write offs.

MedCo offers a wide variety of insurance projects. From providing a virtual insurance department for your facility to denial management, our highly trained team can assist with all insurance needs. Dedicated specialist result in high efficiency and increased reimbursements.

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Revenue Cycle EXCELLENCE.