Increased patient satisfaction.

Higher quality customer experience.

Increased productivity.

Patient pre-registration is a key strategy for improving the intake process, which can often get bogged down with complicated data collection and administrative  tasks. By collecting patient intake materials ahead of the appointment, pre-registration helps organizations create a higher quality customer experience and increased patient satisfaction.

A revolutionary Pre-Registration methodology designed to improve front end efficiency, accuracy, and collections. Our dedicated staff takes on the daily burden of patient interaction, allowing your staff time to work on the other projects. We use the latest advances in call center technology to maximize patient contact and ensure the highest quality of registration. We work to improve the overall patient experience and enable a smooth transition from pre-registration to point-of-service.
Ways We Can Help Your Pre-Reg Department
  • No more hiring, training, and managing of Pre-Registration staff
  • Automated Dialer with call recording
  • Accurate & consistent results
  • Customized Management Reporting
  • Incident Ticket System
  • And more
Pre-registration Chart

Case Study

Over a 3 month period we did a study to compare the efficiency of our Pre-Reg staff to that of hospital staff. MedCo staff has the latest in pre-reg technology allowing them to reach more patients and spend less time waiting on the phone dialing numbers. As a result, the MedCo staff almost doubled the daily productivity of the hospital staff.