MedCo offers consulting services to help our clients and prospective client s achieve Revenue Cycle Excellence. For more than 25 years, MedCo has both followed and helped establish best practice in our business and or clients businesses. These services are FREE or for a fee depending upon the topic and scope. Please contact us to find out how our team of experienced consultants can help your facility.

Consulting Areas of Expertise

  • Self Pay and Co-Pay Strategies and Collections
  • Point of Service Collections
  • Patient Access and Pre-Registration
  • Patient Billing
  • Insurance and Denial Management

Analytical tools

​Along with our expertise, MedCo utilizes multiple Analytical tools to help increase collections. Please book a consult to find out which Analytical tool might fit your facility best based on current need.

RevSTAT (Strategic Transaction Acceleration Tool) is MedCo’s proprietary productivity tool was developed to automate or increase efficiencies in all aspects of  AR follow up.  Specialized workflows and work queues drive efficiency for all areas that can’t be automated while performing a “health check” for your AR.  STAT is used for
  • Automated claim status
  • Zero balance audits
  • Accounts receivable analysis
  • AR follow up analysis
  • Cash projections
  • Contract modeling and simulation