MedCo’s Self Pay collections platform is the backbone of our solution offerings. Our SPEED program (Self Pay Early Engagement Dunning) has proven best practice by our clients and our peers. Driven by our proprietary software CMS (Collection Management System), MedCo consistently produces higher than industry standard collection percentages. Our CMS system is the result of 28 years of Best Practice and is customizable to adapt to almost any provider system.


  • Early Revenue Recovery to Prevent Accounts from going to Bad Debt Collections where a Higher Rate is Charged
  • SECURE Placement and Payment Transactions
  • Highly Customized Automated Dialer
  • Ability for Patient to Make Payments 24/7
  • Highly Trained and Certified Personnel
  • ALL Calls Recorded and Stored
  • MCA Client Access for TRANSPARENT real time monitoring of accounts and collections
  • Strategic Scoring and Analytics for Account Recovery Management
  • Customized Reporting to Customer’s Specification

MedCo committed early on to incorporate technology into our self pay collection efforts.  Utilizing both proprietary and third party technologies, results in higher than industry standard collection rates and world class customer service.