"What I love about Medco is how intimate and family-oriented the company is!"

Recovery Department Team Member

"Being at Medco has made me feel more independent in my work. I enjoy working here; I actually look forward to working now. The environment is awesome, friendly, family oriented, and management is very understanding. "

Legal Department Team Member

"I love that I am treated with respect and that everyone is helpful and kind."

Bad Debt Department Team Member

"Any questions you have, someone is always there to answer them and help you through whatever you may need. My fellow co-workers and management team are the best family that anyone could ever have, they make the job enjoyable all day everyday. "

Revenue Acceleration Department Team Member


​It’s simple: we believe in employee development.

Our mission and vision statements are oriented around leading our employees on a personal development journey. We believe management is here to serve our employees, and mentor them into growing both personally and professionally while they’re with us.

​Developing trust and loyalty
by enhancing the lives of others. 

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Bringing innovation, people-development, and problem-solving to those we serve.


​MedCo recognizes that today’s workforce desires an employer that will offer them both personal and professional growth. We acknowledge that the majority of a person’s waking hours are spent at work, and so we strive to make your time here worthwhile. MedCo provides all employees frequent individual professional growth meetings with their supervisor to establish a development plan that merges their career path with our advancement opportunities.


Our goal is to take all our staff on a journey of self-development and growth.


A career at MedCo means joining the Healthcare community and learning about the healthcare revenue cycle. Employees who are interested in hospital administration, revenue cycle, insurance, registration, and other administrative functions will find the education and experience they desire with MedCo.


​We offer quarterly training and testing for Certified Patient Account Representative (CPAR). CPAR certification is offered through the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). Obtaining a CPAR certification can enhance one’s healthcare career, especially on the business and administration side.


We offer clear department structures and career paths for employees that desire to grow with us. We ask that each employee be a superb performer in their current position before being considered for advancement. Employees chosen for advancement will proceed through various leadership courses, obtain access to the Eagle Consulting leadership portal, and be mentored by their supervisor as they grow.


Teamwork is only half of it. While we do emphasize teamwork and measure team performance, we know that collaboration is the true goal for any team. Collaboration takes advantage of each individual’s potential for contribution and uses everyone’s skills and value to develop solutions that affect everyone. Collaboration means everyone participates: workers, leaders, mentors, mentees, established staff, new staff, vendors, consultants, and clients.


We are proud to say that we own and maintain a proprietary account management software system. Because we own our own products, our dedicated software team is able to work on changes and enhancements to the system that can make the jobs of our employees easier. We are a nimble, fast-working company that loves innovation and working smarter.


We believe employees should be engaged with their work, their company, and their community.


​We use Gallup's Q12 questions and the Employee Net Promoter test to conduct quarterly surveys evaluating our employee engagement. Results are shared with the staff, and improvements made based on feedback.

According to the Q1 2018 survey, MedCo employees are 19% more engaged than the average worker


MedCo's staff sponsors several different charities throughout the year. We enjoy coming up with creative ways to help our local communities, whether that's as small as a rag drive, or as large as working with the American Heart Association to raise money for heart wellness and research.
Check out our social media to see some of the causes we've supported, and the results of our employees' efforts to support their community!


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