Processes, NOT Tasks...

In an ever changing healthcare environment, agility is important to continue best practice. One change and what worked yesterday may not work today. MedCo uses a Business Process Management (BPM) approach to continually improve performance. A constant review of processes across organizational boundries, linking systems, people, and processes deliver value and improvement. A perpetual tearing down and rebuilding process keeps MedCo’s processes outperforming the competition when it comes to delivering for our customers.

At MedCo, we don’t stop at just improving processes. We look to decrease waste within those processes. In 2015, MedCo adopted the LEAN methodology. LEAN involves a team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste. The majority of MedCo management hold certifications at LEAN champions. A3 analysis is utilized to identify waste and stimulate improvement.

MedCo has not remained a leader in revenue recovery over the past 27 years by resting on our morals. Continuous improvement and agility has allowed us to consistently provide best practice for our client partners.