Technology makes us different

MedCo committed early on to incorporate technology into our self pay collection efforts.  Utilizing both proprietary and third party technologies, results in higher than industry standard collection rates and world class customer service. Some areas that make us different:


  • Our custom COLLECTIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM contains 25 plus years of best practices. Our Patient Account Resolution Specialists have the necessary information at their fingertips to help counsel patients concerning their financial responsibilities.

High-tech Contact System

  • We offer CUSTOM, STATE-OF-THE-ART dialers that incorporate functions and capabilities SECOND-TO-NONE in our industry.


  • Our CUSTOM, REAL-TIME CLIENT ACCESS PORTAL allows our client partners access to their accounts, and the real-time status of those accounts. Built with FULL TRANSPARENCY, there is nothing the client cannot view. MCA is ROBUST with REPORTS and ANALYTICS. MCA access is provided to all clients free of charge.

SMS Texting

  • As a convenience for patients, and to evolve in the area of patient communication, Medco Services utilizes texting in our workflow. Patients can securely receive their statement and pay their bill using their smartphone even during their busy schedule.

Voice Analytics

  • Highly-Developed voice recognition tool to analyze and record 100% of our calls. In addition to call recordings, this software provides the ability to detect speaker emotion, trigger words and phrases. Using this tool allows Medco to ensure that required disclosures are made to patients as well as to track both the Collection Specialist and patient emotions. In this matter we are able to ensure that essential required statements are made by our employees as well as quickly identify call escalations.